How we help corporations

At Maternity Works we strongly believe that looking after your pregnant staff not only benefits them and makes them feel valued, it also benefits your company. One of our marketing studies that involved talking to women who have just given birth is that one of the main reasons women go back to their jobs is because they feel that their employer has shown care, given them parenting support during their pregnancy, and helped them to return in a way that is mutually beneficial.

It is also demonstrating respect for your staff who have chosen to become mothers

By investing in your female workforce, you help your company retain the best talent, save money and time in recruitment and acquire a positive image that basically says….we value women - especially if you are pregnant or on maternity leave. This is not just a modern approach, it is likely to soon be the only approach. Stay ahead of the curve by demonstrating understanding of your workforce.

We offer bespoke health packages that starts from the early months of pregnancy to the birth and after the birth, so that your female staff feel valued and can come back motivated and the best version of themselves.

These courses are fully customisable so please contact us for further details.