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Get to know me and my Philosophy



Zakia Mance,

Hypnobirthing & Naturopathy Expert

Hello or bonjour and thank you for stopping by, I am Zakia a naturopath, hypnobirthing teacher, and mother of a wonderful 10 year old boy. My mission and passion is to empower every woman with the knowledge, confidence and good health to enjoy pregnancy, experience becoming a mother with confidence, and keep the energy and health to fully enjoy the process & journey of motherhood & raising children in their first years.

I know from personal experience that going back to work after having a baby is not always easy and my purpose is to help and give professional mothers the tools and expertise to help them go back to work confident, energised and the best version of themselves. After thirty years of using complementary therapies and being passionate about them, I graduated with a degree in Naturopathy from the CENATHO in Paris.


I then decided to train as a Hypnobirthing teacher to complement my Naturopathic degree as a result of having had a calm, positive homebirth myself using only the natural methods I had been taught. I have a diploma in hypnobirthing (Katherine Graves Method) and I am also President of the GCRN (General Council of Registered Naturopaths), registered with the KG Hypnobirthing association & the CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council). I am also fluent in French and Arabic and can conduct my consultations in both languages.


I also enjoy studying anything to do with the mind and the psyche. I truly believe that we are finally understanding how to unlock the extraordinary powers of the mind. Hypnobirthing gives us a good start to understand how we can achieve extraordinary results by using and training the mind. I practice Mindfulness and meditate and strongly believe that "mental hygiene" and good mental health will become integral parts of our lives in the future; in schools, and at work to help us live more balanced, empowered and healthy, happy lives. I really look forward to supporting you on your motherhood journey!


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