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Carys’s birth story

Hi Zakia, 
“Just getting in touch to say thank you so much for your help and advice during the hypnobirthing course. I had a really great, empowering birth and both Dan and I agree that the hypnobirthing really made a massive difference. I think that generally the recordings and all the information we were given and discussions we had made me feel relaxed, prepared and capable in the run up to birth and therefore calmer and in control during labour. We ended up having an induction at 12 days past due date (in the hopes of still getting a water birth in the delivery suite-didn’t make it!) and nothing went along with the birthing plan but we were able to handle that and make informed, confident choices.  In terms of pain relief, I didn’t even have gas and air and Dan said it was amazing how calm and focused I was throughout. The recordings helped me sleep during a lot of waiting around in hospital and kept me focussed. I also did a yoga active birthing course which helped physically with labour positions along with the breathing and visualisation you showed us. We’re both doing really well and time has flown-5 weeks old today. 
Thanks again and please feel free to quote me.
It worked for me!! Thanks again

Carys & Dan 

Lola's story

Dear Zakia, 
Here is my birth story. I had to turn off my notifications to avoid being stressed by all the calls and texts that began around 39 weeks and focused as much as possible on relaxing, eating, sleeping and breathing... 
I laboured at home, still planning to have a home birth. Folarin was still trying to set up the pool, and I was in the shower breathing through the surges. Folarin began timing the surges and when there were 3 in 10 minutes, called the midwives. While he was on the phone, I suddenly got out of the shower and vomited (this was probably transition); and the surges suddenly became much closer together and more intense. Once we arrived at the hospital, we got there and the pool was full enough for me to get in. The lights were dim and my mom was in the corner telling me "pele" ("sorry"/a Yoruba form of commiserating) when I had a surge, and Folarin spoke to me softly holding my hand and reminding me to breath and saying uplifting things. The midwives were mostly silent. I down breathed that way for about 45 minutes and he was born at 6.10 am! 

The midwives and my mom were absolutely amazed by what hypnobirthing labour looked like (and the fact that my labour only lasted for a total of 6 hours for a first baby). Even though It didn't go exactly according to plan, it was incredible, life affirming experience and I am so grateful I had it. Hypnobirthing gave us the tools to have a beautiful birth and welcome our baby in such a gentle yet powerful way.  
Literally midwives stopped by our room to chat about hypnobirthing and my 6 hour labour, having heard about it from the midwives who attended our birth! I felt like some sort of legend :) my mom calls me superwoman and everyone we've told is desperate to sign up to a hypnobirthing course. It's so funny/crazy....Anyway, there's your morning long read”



Monika's story

Hi Zakia,

I hope you are well. We've got some news, baby Tessa is here with us now, born on 16 Feb at 1.10 am, unfortunately induced at 40 weeks (just propess) due to her stunted growth towards the end. I was going into it very worried but Hywel helped me immensely and we had a very gentle loving birth with only hypnobirthing and gas & air. I could not believe how relaxed I was and how it really wasn't painful, just really intense and new. We will forever be very grateful for your early presence and all help in our preparations for this day.

Love Monika, Hywel and Tessa. xx

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