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Inspirational support to attain optimal health for you and your baby



Postnatal pampering package: £180 - 3 hours

You’ve done it mama, you’ve just done something extraordinary… birth to your beautiful baby, well done!

And what you need right now is LOVE, because when we are loved our bodies perform wonderful things and we feel good about ourselves, CARE because you need to regain your energy after all that amazing work you’ve done and finally the right SUPPORT, because with the right support you can just relax and enjoy your new life with your baby. Book now whilst pregnant so that you have something to look forward to after your birth and treat yourself. Also a beautiful gift to offer at a baby shower for your pregnant friend - what better gift than offering support and to show you care. During these 3 hours I will share with you my best yummy, nourishing recipes that are specifically designed to help you recover.


I will give you specific food supplements to also help your recovery and put you on the right track and talk about your new life and how to make the transition to motherhood. I also include an aromatherapy session which will leave you in a total state of blissful relaxation. I will be offering you practical parenting support, listening to any worries you may have as a new mother (which are absolutely normal) and essentially be there for you in a holistic way.


Practical expectant fathers/birth partner workshop:

£180 - 3 hours

Designed for all fathers who may be wondering what to do with their baby - how do I carry him/her? give them a bath? learn to stop stressing? And especially understanding their role.


Having a baby can be daunting and during this highly practical and hands-on workshop, you will learn skills, gain knowledge on how and why things happen so that you can enjoy the early days and help your partner the best possible way.


We’ll talk about bonding with your baby, giving baths, supporting the mother, putting in place a contingency plan for when you go back to work, how to make the transition to fatherhood and a wealth of knowledge that will help you gain confidence as a new father.


Father and Son
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