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We're there every step of the way


Pregnancy is one of the most important times in a woman’s life and I can be there for you as your naturopath - every step of the way to help you enjoy this very special time. You don’t have to suffer from morning sickness, cramps, mood swings, anxiety, heavy legs - all these ailments are very often associated with pregnancy and endured by women – but they don’t have to stop you enjoying your pregnancy.


So if you want to say goodbye to these and regain energy, confidence and fundamentally enjoy your pregnancy and give yourself and your baby the best start with a bespoke program of food and supplements, book a consultation now. I will give you the best food to eat according to your personal metabolism & the best foods to help baby’s development too. For instance, it is a fact that one study found that mothers given fish oil supplementation went onto produce children who scored higher on hand and eye co-ordination tests than those whose mothers were just supplemented with olive oil.


As a naturopath I will give you all the keys to help unlock your own health as well as starting to grow a healthy, clever little baby, and educate you so that you can take charge of your own health using natural methods including food supplements, aromatherapy and natural recipes.

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During our consultation, I will discuss in a non-judgmental and caring way your current issues, establishing a holistic profile of your health and I will also assess what is the best course of action specially tailored to your pregnancy and emotional needs. One size doesn’t fit all and deeply understanding the root causes of your health problems and not just the symptoms is the key to a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Initial consultation – 90 minutes in which we will discuss your needs and agree on a plan of action specifically bespoke to your needs and lifestyle and so that it helps baby in the best possible way too. £110

Naturopaths believe that to establish good health practices and help you keep up the good work, a visit every 3 months is recommended so that you stay on track.


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Have you ever wondered what it will feel like to give birth in a calm and empowered way, assisted and sharing the experience with a very supportive birthing partner or even as a single mother? Maybe you are thinking, ”I would love a homebirth but I am not confident enough to ask for one or even where to start” perhaps you would like to learn skills and tools to help you stay calm during your planned c-section.

Whatever type of birth you are planning on having, this complete antenatal program will help you to learn:

  • Why the mind and body connection is so important when it comes to birth

  • How your birthing partner can become your best advocate so that you can focus on you and birthing your baby

  • Learn very powerful and effective relaxation techniques and breathing exercises

  • Learn how to replace fears, anxiety and preconception ideas about birth with calm, confidence and empowerment.

  • Learn how to “understand” the system you are giving birth in so that you can get the best out of it

  • Give your baby and yourselves the best possible start in life as hypnobirthing babies tend to score better with the Apgar score and mothers tend to recover better too as they usually have less intervention

  • You will have my full support during the course once we finish the course and even after the birth if you need links to birth professionals. It’s all about giving you the right support so that the hardships are taken away from you and you can focus on enjoying your baby.

  • As a new mother said to me after she gave birth “doing the course with Zakia is the best investment I made, it allowed me to have the birth I’ve always dreamed of, Zakia made it possible”

It is absolutely possible to look forward to the birth of your baby with no fear and have a beautiful birth, my own experience testifies it (read my story here) and the testimonials and birth stories from all the couples I supported over the years attest to this too (birth stories) – please read some of these to understand how it can be a truly remarkable event.

Think holistically about your birth today so that you will be able to remember it as an amazing experience and with fond memories


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